Saturday, July 10, 2010

Check out Litter for new work by Jane Commane, Nathan Thompson and Kelvin Corcoran. Soon to be followed by more, including Mexican Ernesto Priego and New Zealander Ian Britton.


richard lopez said...

very nice grouping of poets, alan. especially dig texts of nathan thompson and ian seed. i've got to get off my lazy behind and order their books! and how come thomspson and seed don't blog! hmmm. . .come on guys, do it, start a blog and post work, if not for me, then for poetry, okay.

Alan Baker said...

Glad you enjoyed it Richard. Nathan Thompson is a new discovery for me. And Ian Seed's book 'Anonymous Intruder' is highly recommended - my review of it is on Litter.

I agree that every poet should have a blog. I was thinking, earlier, how isolated I would feel - and did feel in fact, prior to the late 90s - without the internet. I take the cyber community for granted now.