Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kelvin Corcoran has started a new press (or, rather, revived an old one): his Gratton Street Irregulars intends to specialise in pamphlets, with current ones by Nathan Thompson (lately of Litter) and Ralph Hawkins.

Click here.

I also hadn't realised that Andrew Duncan now has a blog - using it to continue his Angel Exhaust musings - full of articles and reviews written with his usual panache. Click here.


Ed Baker said...

my kanji is a bit rusty... can you translate this?

it is not so much that
I need to know what
Dumn Sum is saying

but rather it is that. well:

enough about him
let s talk about me

Alan Baker said...

Ed, the comments in Chinese (?) script (now removed) are spam - generated by software programs and intended to lure people to dubious websites. They only seem to be able to infect the most recent posting, and I delete them as soon as I see them.

Ed Baker said...

I went into a
dubious web site ....
and just about never returned

sort of like Alice going down down down into that rabbit hole

OHHH that reminds me

I have a copy of that 1966 BBC production of
Alice in Wonderland

stars: Sir John Gielgud, Peter Sellers, Sir Michael Redgrave, Peter Cook, etc and Anne-Marie Mallik as Alice.
have only seen clips of this on PBS now will inhale the entire thing... looks like a feast for the imagination.

and "dig it" Ravi Shankar does the original music!

cheers, EB