Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aaron Tieger: 'Secret Donut', pub. Pressed Wafer I've had lots of nice things in the post recently (after complaining of not getting many). As well as the Kelvin Corcoran pamphlets and Hassle Press broadsheets, I've just received Aaron Tieger's excellent new book 'Secret Donut', and a single folded sheet of card containing poems by Jess Mynes. Tieger, an American poet based in Boston, has been mentioned on this blog before. Both of these poets, and othes, like Christopher Rizzo, are associated with Carve Press and Editions. It's interesting that British influence appears to be important to them, and heartening, to see that Richard Cadell is regarded as a seminal figure. The poetry of both Tieger and Mynes show the influence of Bunting (Cadell's mentor). Aaron Tieger's book is focussed on everyday experience mediated through diction that asks to be spoken aloud. I'd highly recommend it, and point you to his work on Litter.

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