Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Press in Nottingham!

Skysill Press has published its first title, "Anxiety Chant" by Aaron Tieger. Price at £4/$6 and available from the press's website.

Tieger is an American poet, based in Massachusetts, and he lists as his prime influences, Richard Cadell, William Corbett and Robert Creeley, which should give you some idea about his poetry. Here's a sample from "Anxiety Chant":


Caffeine leaves
system leaving
me empty
as living
rooms across
this town
and others
of boxes and lives
in yellow trucks
and yellow light
coats the empty
room and the last
few boxes
sit empty
in the last light
of a living room.

It's fine work, and I can add it to my collection of Tieger pamphlets which have given me a lot of pleasure. I wouldn't say Tieger was minimalist, but he's very sparing in his use of words; layout and white space are significant, and of course, sound is an important factor. This astringency seems to be an American trait, comparitively rare in British poets.

Congratulations to Sam Ward on this new venture.


John B-R said...

Do you have a copy of T's collected typos. It's just out from; I got a copy because of Geof Huth's enthusiasm. How do I get a copy of the title you review here?

Alan Baker said...

You can order this (in dollars) from Skysill's website:

The Collected Typos looks excellent.