Monday, February 2, 2009

The Mother of Democracies

Here's a list of politicians, all senior members of the British government. Not one of them has been elected. Their anachronistic titles are a cover for for their corrupt evasion of the democratic process. Their only redeeming feature is their titles, which at least provide us with some amusement:

The Baroness Scotland of Asthal

The Lord Malloch-Brown

Lord Mandelson

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

And they're just the ones in the Cabinet. There are plenty of others in more junior, but still powerful positions - not second-chamber, but members of the executive - such as:

Lord Carter of Barnes

Baroness Vadera

Baroness Morgan of Drefelin

Baroness Taylor of Bolton

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

Lord Darzi of Denham

Lord West of Spithead

Lord Young of Norwood Green

and more, I just got bored looking for them. One last one I'll mention, as I it thought amusing, at least if you been to this lord's domain:

Lord MacKenzie of Luton


Ed Baker said...

off with their whigs!

where is Rumple of The Old Bailey? he cld figure out a "cure"

any of those on your list yet supprt
The Royal Ins of Court Boys Club?

I 'kipped' there in the attic for a fortnight and an half in 1981.

SOME PLACE! Covent Gardens at other end of the street

Ed Baker said...

no IT WAS 19 SIXTY 1


and it cost me 1 pound a week

jeeze... only thing worst than my blogging history is my spelling checking! and dating habits I seldom do things the hard way....