Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's new work by Martin Stannard on Litter, plus a review of his latest collection,"Faith" from Shadowtrain Books. Martin is an under-appreciated poet, possibly because he doesn't fit with any particular school or into the mainstream vs innovative paradigm. I hope this latest collecton gets to as many people as possible.


Ed Baker said...

max jacob and pierre reverdy and "just what is" is some
solid plinth to go out from/


letter form!

Stannard a neat discovery for me..



richard lopez said...

martin stannard's one of my favorite poets, period. i like the reviewer's comment that said that stannard would rather kick ass then lick it. but, alan, what is the poetry establishment anyway? as you mentioned in a previous post that what is critical for poetry is the small-press and readings. everything else is just a career. and poetry, and hopefully poets, don't care a damn about careers. only the life in poetry.

Alan Baker said...

I absolutely agree Richard. Even 'career poets' must, in some part of themeselves, acknowledge that none of that stuff really matters, and (as you say) 'the life in poetry' is what really counts.

Ed Baker said...

my friend, Cid Corman, often said:

"life I;m in it for the poetry."

and I call the career income-depends-upon Poets...


the longer the career vitae
the higher the pay!

I come out of the mimeo days print it on the kitchen table, staple it together and send out copies (to other poets)


Aidan Semmens said...

There are "career poets"? How does the pay compare with, say, sweeping station platforms?