Sunday, March 11, 2007

Paris bookshops. A couple of evenings last week I got off early and headed up to the Notre-Dame/St.Michel area. I looked in at Shakespeare and Co (open midday til midnight), which I'd never been to before - a nice remnant of 1950s American-in-paris bohemianism, still unspoilt, and complete with backpackers sleeping on the floor upstairs. I called in to several other bookshops in the district, most of which were as uncommercial as it's possible to be while still remaining a shop. I'd almost forgotten the sheer pleasure of browsing in a bookshop - I mean one which seems to care about books and writers. In Derby, where I work, there is only one - the dispiriting Waterstones, with its piped music and celebrity biographies.

So, Notre Dame cathedral in the late afternoon sun, cafes and bookshops - I could do with more trips like that.

I'm back home in Nottingham now, back to normal, and need to get the missing entries on Litter put back.


kathz said...

some posts I read just make me impossibly envious - this is one.

It's bad enough reading about poetry readings I've missed.

Alan Baker said...

Hi kathz

I'll try and announce readings in advance!

It's the first time I've been to Paris since 2003 (during the heatwave), and that's why I was so enthusiastic - I was glad to be back!


kathz said...

I'll keep watching out for the poetry readings. It's annoying missing readings at the Flying Goose which is nearby - but on the rare occasions I hear about them in advance, I find I'm working late or too busy to get out.

I'm glad you enjoyed Paris really - it's just that stage in the year when I'd like to get away (but can't) and my French is getting rusty again.