Thursday, March 1, 2007

Just been to a talk at my local hospital. Well, not a talk, but a 'presentation' using the ubiquitous MS Powerpoint. "This talk is about the benefits of exercise". Click. 'The Benefits of Exercise' flashes up. "Exercise strengthens the heart. Click. 'Strengthens The Heart' appears, etc. Actually the talk was very good, but it would have been much better if the speaker had ditched the technology and just talked to the audience. As it was, both the speaker and the spoken-to were transfixed by the bullet points on the screen. But then again, I wonder if the audience (myself included) could cope with more than ten minutes oral transmission? We all spend so much time looking at screens that we're all conditioned to visualise rather than listen. Next time my attention wanders at a poetry reading, I'll tell my self this is the reason.

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