Saturday, March 3, 2007

I'm off to Paris on Monday morning for a four-day business trip (my day job is in IT). I probably won't see much apart from the suburb of Gentilly, where I'm working, but it'll still be nice to be in one of my favourite cities.

My ISP lost three weeks' worth of data from its clients' websites, so poetry by Kelvin Corcoran and Peter Dent, and the excellent Reznikoff review by Alistair Noon have disappeared from Litter. All will be restored. But I could do without this sort of thing.

And when I get back... As any editor will tell you, it's easy to get poetry submissions, but much harder to find people prepared to write reviews and articles. So I get lots of good review books which don't get reviewed. This is the case with two remarkable books from Meritage Press: 'Pinoy Poetics' (poetics in Fillipino poetry) and 'I Take Thee English for my Beloved' (poetry from Eileen R. Tabios). Both excellent, and both will get reported on after I get back from France. Au revoir.

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