Monday, November 14, 2011

Poets on the Great Recession

I was asked to contribute to "Poets on the Great Recession", a project run by the redoubtable Eileen Tabios.

Here's my contribution.


Conrad DiDiodato said...

Outstanding work, Alan!

Ed Baker said...

which recession we talking' about ?

I used to buy a new pair of 501's every year now? heck Sears wants $65 for a pair..

I got a like new pair at Value Village last Monday when they take 25 % off for seniors

for $4.75 !

as for what this "recession" has done for my poetry & art ?

when I am hungry I write a poem about pork chops and eat the poem!

and the art? I mostly do things in wood so I got plenty of fire-wood for this winter.

et ceteras....

Alan Baker said...

Thank you Conrad.

'which recession' Ed? Yes, they do all merge into one after a while...

Alan Baker said...

Just read your contribution Ed. It's outrageous. I like it.

Ed Baker said...

I too answered the three questions
my favorite recession was the one that lasted the longest thanks to Reagan and his trickle-down crap: