Thursday, June 24, 2010

The previous post is in response to similar pictures at the blogs of John Bloomberg-Rissman and Richard Lopez. We have a household rule that my poetry books are restricted to one room, and we operate a strict one-in, one-out policy for books (though I often flout it). In the shelves on the left in the top photo, the books are two rows deep, which makes it rather difficult to find stuff. Note the family photos and other objects on the shelves: my books don't have any privileges (like shelves to themselves).


John B-R said...

Is that a rocket launcher or a telescope?

richard lopez said...

hmmmm. . .could be a telecoping ski pole, with a scope?

Ed Baker said...


y'all are soooooo organized

I best get over to IKEA and get me some book-cases

I last rearranged my books 35 years ago and can't find a damn thing!

even among your shelves I don't see my (newest) book

Alan Baker said...

It's a telescope. We're all in chaotic households, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Ed, I do have your latest (?) pamphlet DE:SIRE, for which I forgot to thank you. I think it's good, I like it a lot. It's not on the shelves 'cause I've been reading it.

richard lopez said...

ed, send your book my way and i'll give it a prominent place on my shelves!

Ed Baker said...


easier for you to get the book 'over there' as the publisher/press is in

(where, I think,
and Liverpool is there-in lies)


cost of postage from here MORE than cost of book THERE and
believeyoume... the cover
is worth every Hey-penny!

richard lopez said...

alan, we just finished cleaning our little bungalow and anna was dusting the shelves in the backroom. she's been following our posts and comments and she turned to me and said, hey now, that '1 in 1 out rule' sounds pretty good. i made a hasty retreat into the front of the house and mumbled, sure.

Alan Baker said...


Oops! I've started something now...