Saturday, September 12, 2009

A new sequence of mine has been published in the latest issue of Shadowtrain. It's called 'Driving Songs'. Click here to read it. This sequence is from a short (unpublished) collection called 'everyday songs', which also includes 'Kitchen Songs' and 'Reading Songs'.

'Driving Songs' contains quotes from the following texts:

Thomas Paine, "Common Sense"
Charles Darwin, "The Origin of Species"
The Guardian, January 2009
President Obama's inauguration speech

Henry David Thoreau, "On Walden Pond"
Ian Sinclair, the blurb for Bill Griffiths' "Book of Spilt Cities"
Travelodge borchure

Thanks to Shadowtrain editor Ian Seed.

1 comment:

Aidan Semmens said...

It's good, Alan, though not the tightest of yours I've seen. It gives me a slightly queasy image of you driving while jotting down thoughts in a notebook balanced on the steering-wheel ;-)