Thursday, May 7, 2009

There's some excellent new work by Kelvin Corcoran on Litter, from a sequence called 'Sing Campion Song' of which these are the opening poems.


new work by Mary Michaels and Frances Presley, the latter including a collaboration with Peterjon Skelt

new poetry from Martin Stannard

a review of Stannard's 'Faith' by Ian Collinson


Aidan Semmens said...

Good. Kelvin's not lost it, then - quirky but enjoyable. As ever. :-)

Unknown said...

Totally off topic- I am looking for a copy of "Benjamin's Book" for the teacher that I work with. She said it is one of her favorites; it helped her get through a devastating divorce. It would be the perfect teacher appreciation gift. If you have any information as to where I could find a copy, please drop me a line. Thank you very much.

Alan Baker said...

Sorry, you've got the wrong Alan Baker...

Ed Baker said...

here and for US 3... the postage will be 6ix times cost of the book!

but, I suspect you can "google" from there


visit a used book store?


what's the "skinny" on what is now going on at Oxford?

I hope the other two "contestants" drop out in protest over the DW "stuff"...

well in 4 years American Social Security AND Medicare will dry-up...

it s all about feeding our fears

Alan Baker said...

It seems Derek Walcott isn't a flawless individual, and that bars him from being Professor of Poetry at Oxford.

Ed Baker said...

that's funny "the wrong Alan Baker"

well I also got a children's book author
over here

calls herself ED Baker or, sometimes, E.D. Baker AND

I have gotten emails from kids in elementary school asking about "my"

The Frog Princess book..

and from where did I get my ideas... I told one little darling that

"after I fry up a mess of Bull Frog's legs and down 9 cold beers THEN I write my stories..

this E.D. Baker also lives not too far from me...

have never seen one of her books... don't care to.. however, timidly,

I emailed her via her publisher and asked her to use her real name instead of "ED"

as her kiddie books were interfering with me getting famous in my own poetic/art right!

she replied... I forget what she said

sooo all of these Baker's

maybe she will do a children's story about children in bombed out Iraq? or children all over the world being sold into sex-slavery-business?

and don't get me started about...OUR BEAUTIFUL LEADERS

I guess you've got to be a bottom feeder to become a politician, eh..

they ALL lie-like-sacks

Alan Baker said...

"after I fry up a mess of Bull Frog's legs and down 9 cold beers THEN I write my stories.."

I like that.