Friday, April 10, 2009

A police state is not a state where the police rule. It is a state where there is no distance between the politicians and police.

A police state is a state where a policeman can be caught on camera launching an unprovoked fatal assault from behind, yet not be arrested. A police state is a state where the police raid the parliamentary offices of opposition MPs. A police state is a state where it is the politicians who are making the decisions on who gets arrested and when.

Craig Murray

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John B-R said...

Welcome to the modern dystopia, my friend. Or should I say welcome to the world people of color have always lived in? (Well, it must feel like always ...)

Alan Baker said...

Of course you're right John. The middle classes are going to be affected in a big way by this recession, so they'll realise how things have changed while they weren't watching.

Ed Baker said...

"you ain't seen nothin', yet"

county speed cameras just
doubled from 18 to 36

they put them at bottom of hills
catch big bucks ($$$) use money to buy more cameras and hire more police
until people figure out where they are
and slow down to 10 mphs in a 35 mile per hour zone

cameras watching for "Terrorists" everywhere around
metro-D.C. area

censored news and down right fibbing coming from our Duly Democratically Elected "Leaders"

neighborhood "citizens" going up and down the street writing things down

groups of 4 to 5 with day-glo bibs...

the county came by wanted me to re-paint my house.... why?

somebody called about the orange color .. and my 20 or so pieces of art in yard..

this is all more bad than in the 50's when CIA FBI NSA local police used to go around and take pictures of "them dirty Hippies"

then opppps! sorry we mistakenly blew-up that whole Black Panther row of houses. we meant to go into the next block...etc"

I could "go on" however...

best maintain my "6 degrees outside the planet"

however, however... I'll
tell you a secret : I'm not (really) crazy

I'm the sane one!

...I think.

John B-R said...

The only reason "they" don't like you, Ed: you don't shop enough!

Seriously: we do live in a surveillance state. "They" (we?, sadly, yes) are watching all of us. They (we) can put any of us behind bars any time they (we) want.

Luckily they usually don't want to. Why? Because we shop. We keep the wheels greased. As long as we shop, we're not dangerous. In fact, they (we) need us.

So hit the mall, Ed. Pretty soon they'll let you paint your house whatever color you want.

And, sorry, but you are crazy. In the best way possible, that is. I like crazy. So keep it up!

Ed Baker said...

I shop! and I always use my credit card! trick is: pay it off each month. and get a senior discount most places and on Monday's at Value Village
where I buy all of my "new" clothes

not only a 10 % senior discount
but also a regular 10 % discount

bought a 'like new' PeeAire Cardan sweater for $0.80 last month..

was in a mall last summer...went to that french high-end store Targette
a pair of Levi's was $42 I 'booked'

got a senior coffee at the Eatery and a bowl og hot-n-sour soup for $1.80 or so..

then went to my favorite department store:

got a "brand new" pair of Levi's at Value Village for $4.75 pre washed and pre shrunk!

lesson... "we" can live off of the things Americans throw away!

try the dented-can section of your grocery-store

as long as the can is not puffed up the contents are ok.


time to go get my weekly $20 in gas for my new 1986 F-150 and

get a 12-pack of good beer Milwaukee's Best

Alan Baker said...

Ed, John
Nice to know things are just as bad over there as they are here in Airstrip One (well, 'nice' probably isn't the right word). I'm off to the shops now...