Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Work on Litter

Andrew Duncan certainly is one of our more astute (and entertaining) commentators and critics. But he also, of course, excels as a poet, and lately I've been enjoying his Shearsman collection 'Savage Survivals Amid Modern Suavity'. There's a good review of it here. It's not especially experimental or disjunctive poetry, but its language is alive and stimulating. The range of its concerns and interests is immense. It's a collection I'd recommend to anyone, so I'm very pleased that Andrew has agreed to publish a sequence from it on Litter. Read and enjoy.

While Andrew Duncan is evolving into a senior figure (aren't we all), the other new arrival on Litter is a young poet, Simon Turner, who I think is one to watch. His first collection, reviewed by C.J. Allen, is a series of forays into different poetic styles, and I'll be interested to what direction he settles on. The new sequence on Litter may be a pointer.

Finally, I'm excited to be in receipt of some new work from Robert Sheppard which will be appearing soon. Sheppard is also one of our major figures, with his Twentieth Century Blues being a landmark publication. His Pages magazine is well worth a visit. See below on his recent reading in London.

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John B-R said...

Very cool, Alan. I picked up a copy of Twentieth Century Blues before we left London. Needless to say, I've only read bits. Good, good, stuff.