Friday, July 8, 2011

Men at Risk from Modern Poetry

Researchers have found that men who read difficult modern poetry - from Wallace Stevens to JH Prynne - struggle with relationships. It seems that such men become disillusioned with everyday conversations. Findings suggest that the poetry gives men unrealistic expectations about the complexity of daily language. According to one expert: "Men in particular, can find that the language their wives and families use is lacking in the exciting conundrums, non-sequiturs and thrilling blind-alleys of poetic diction. This can lead to them drifting out of relationships to join groups of like-minded individuals who can comprehend such verbal intricacies". Doctors recommend a gradual transfer of reading to simpler poetry - such as that published by Faber and Faber - with the ultimate aim of being able to survive on a diet of light romantic novels. "We believe such a course will help men to return to normal linguistic usage."

(source: McUniversity, Donaldstown, USA)


Ed Baker said...

hey thanks for the explanation re: reactions/comments to MY "stuff"

where can I get a pill that will dumb-me-down
do I need to go to Dr. Stupid?

the internet culture is reducing things to its lowest common denominator

I told my last muse
"Your my Muse."

She got pissed and replied: "OH, SO I AMUSE YOU!"

500 pages later and I still got no sex...

now I know why

Paul Tobin said...

Ha ha ha. I think this is very funny, I look forward to a diet of light romantic novels- sounds ghastly.