Monday, December 6, 2010

STUDENT PROTESTS: Sinister New Element

Police believe a new and sinister protest movement has aligned itself with student demonstrators. Senior officers believe that the inscrutable, white-clad protesters who have been sighted in every British city prove that greater surveillance powers are required by police. A Home Office spokesperson said "they have appeared in large numbers in the last ten days; their presence is provocative, and they have an uncanny ability to melt into the background when the things get heated. We have not yet ruled out possible links to Al Qaida..." (contd. p94)


John B-R said...

Do you think they'll resort to nuclear weapons?

Ed Baker said...

Back in MY DAZE say 1970 or so
we had a similar white insurgent "thing" around here...
... he ran the policed ragged

The Bunny Man

I even included a visual piece re: this Nasty in my

1971 Points/Counterpoints

the police were TERRIFIED that this Bunny would
do-his-bunny-thing and impregnated their innocent daughters with Ideas of VN/Civil Rights anti-gov't ideas

Ed Baker said...


the interviewers... to be on my part ..polite & in all ways "correct" SUCK!