Thursday, July 23, 2009

A chip off the old block

Here is a sonnet that will make you wise
This verse is not as difficult as a book
Without A Doubt A Blessing In Disguise
Well honestly with this your off the Hook

When Drastic Times Do Call For Drastic Measures
The Ball Is In Your Court and you have fought
The world is full of wonderous treasures
From Rags To Riches you have earnt and caught

If it Takes Two To Tango - me and you
To Get Up on The Wrong Side Of The Bed
The Icing On The Cake your dreams come true
The Best of Both Worlds it can spin your head

To Make A Long Story Somewhat Short
You must remember all that you are taught

This fine piece of work is by my daughter, aged 12. It was written as an assigment for school ('write a sonnet'). I think it's fab, but I am biased. It's interesting though, that she came up with idea of constructing it from proverbs (her own idea) - found language and constructed text in fact. Eat your heart out Tony Lopez!


John B-R said...

A chip off the old block? You can only wish ... So when do we publish a chapbook by Eloise?

Dominic Rivron said...

Wish I could have done that when I was 12!

Ed Baker said...

A talented 12 year-old?

in this day 'n' age?

y'all's got yer hands full...

maybe she would enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

You may as well give it up now...