Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Todd Swift, three of whose poems have just appeared on Litter, has descibed himself as a 'cultural activist', a term I like. I've been enjoying the following blogs, all by cultural activists, including Mr. Swift himself:

Heriberto Yepez - bi-lingual Spanish/English from this Mexican poet and writer.
Todd Swift - ever-insightful comment
Pierre Joris - lively and wide-ranging comment from Luxembourg poet/writer.
Ernesto Priego - likewise from Mexican-in-London, poet, DJ, academic and, well... cultural activist..

The last of these bloggers has tentatively agreed (well, after some badgering from me), to pen an essay on Octavio Paz for Litter, as I've recently been discussing Paz with him.


Ernesto said...

Hey Alan, thanks for the shout out and the kind words. And yeah, that essay will take shape soon...

Alan Baker said...

Great! Looking forward to it Ernesto.