Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Saturday Sam Ward and myself drove up to Sheffield to attend the opening the new Banks Street arts centre. What would normally have been a municipal evening with predictable artistic fare was transformed by the fact the the organiser was Geraldine Monk. So the evening sparkled with jazz, performance poetry with music, and excellent straight poetry readings. The highlights for me were Harriet Tarlo reading the poem 'Love/Land', a musical duo with a woman on violin and a man on trumpet (I'll have to find out who they are), a reading by Alan Halsey of a poem consisting of vernacular phrases lifted from 'Tristram Shandy' and finally, Geraldine Monk herself. The latter's set consisted of poetry transformed into a sort of primal sound, with a guy on a synthesizer as backing. Wonderful stuff.

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collectedworks said...

Sheffield ay? Was only there the once --John Freeman had offered to 'run off'latest issue of my Earth Ship mag... Bus or train or did David Tipton drive me up from Southampton? Anyway,ca 1971, and am not sure there was an arts,poetry scene... So, your description of that new centre & of Alan Halsey & co's performances caught me --first, for Sheffield, and second,Alan H... I've recently connected with him again --last time wd have been via west house publications back in 2000, but as writer to writer have to go back to early 80s when we conducted a discussion around the relevance of Wyndham Lewis in context of poetry / language / politics... the which, I'm happy to tell you, is now published/posted on my blog,October '09 issue of Poems & Pieces,
The 1980 material includes our respective 2009 updates, --"29 years later..." ! Hope this finds you in good spirits, Best wishes, Kris Hemensley