Sunday, November 25, 2007

Since my job has become a little more demanding (moan, moan...) it occurs to me that it might be easier to write a sort of anti-blog of things I haven't done. Here are a few:

  • Update Litter. Forthcoming: poems by Pete Huchel (tr. Catherine Hales), a review of Peter Gizzi by CJ Allen, and some poems by the latter.
  • Join Facebook. In fact, I did join, at the invitation of Carrie Etter and Tony Frazer. It looks great: a cornucopia of things to do, and people to talk to. But I could imagine spending a lot of precious hours on it, and right now... so I've suspended my membership for now.
  • Meet up with Clive Allen, Adrian Buckner and Martin Stannard for one of our regular get-togethers, which occured on Saturday afternoon in town. Sorry guys. Next time, I hope...
  • Answer emails, including one from Kris Hemmensley, back in Oz now, and with Leafe Press pamphlets on his bookshop shelves. Sorry Kris, will get back to you.

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collectedworks said...

Dear Alan, No worries mate! Understand entirely. For me it's not only variety & volume but energy. I always tell myself it's a case of more energy, because I think energy generates more time! We've just had an excellent November trading month, partly due to three launchings inclu the Best Australian Poems07 and Brook Emery's Uncommon Light (Five Islands Press). Great to catch up with lots of the poets. The good November has me thinking, tho, that perhaps December/Xmas wont be so hot. This good November might be early Xmas surge. American wholesaler tells us there's terrible bottleneck with orders, 4-6weeks delay on orders. Maybe thats for the best if the rush is indeed done! Did you read my comments on yr Kelvin Corcoran publication (Roger Hilton's Sugar)? Currently writing a piece on recent writing of South African/Aussie , John Mateer. So, strength & energy to you. Season's Greetings to you & all mutual friends at Leafe & Litterbug! Kris Hemensley